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Hill Young is a therapeutic art and personal empowerment facilitator. She offers unique individual and group creative sessions working with people of all ages and demographics, bringing healing, inspiration and creativity together. Her experience teaching since 2010 and her own journey of transformation with art throughout her life has fueled her to offer these focused gifts for the community.
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Group Workshops - Choose from a tried and true list of subjects, or design your own workshop! Facilitated by Hill for a custom special event.

 (Weddings, ladies groups, birthdays, baby showers, memorials & more)

Private lessons - Custom one-on-one teaching from Hill to clear blockages and transform your personal evolution as a creative being.
Session subject matter varies depending on student's needs and commitments.
1-3 month increments, all ages.
Women's Workshops - exploring feminine topics through art. Focused on natural rhythms and cycles, group and individual empowerment and vitality. 
(All ages, babies & mamas welcome)
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