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A bit of a bio.

I grew up in a small mountain town in Southern California, USA with a large family of 7. We all were outside more than inside and we were taught by my parents to look closely at the details of our environment, respect the circle of life, and to be creative. 


I have always been drawn to plants and small creatures, and made art about nature through murals and acrylic paintings. The past few years have held an immense set of losses of loved ones, and my grief has carried me even closer to being OF the natural elements, not just painting about them, and more connected to myself. Having a son in 2021 strengthened my desire to move away from painting with acrylics and towards natural pigments.

I call the Pacific North West my home now, and am most inspired by the seasons and multitude of flora and fauna. I have merged my love for painting with the love of the land in the past 5 years as I explore natural dyes and making inks and paints.  


From many beautiful teachers and my own discoveries, I have come to the understanding that respectfully making and sharing traditional arts connects us to our curiosity, our humility and our power as creative beings on this planet. 


It is nothing but a joy to share the empowerment that comes with making art and to share my own healing journey connecting with the land and natural pigments. 

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