A bit of a bio.

Hill Young is a vibrant, multi-faceted creator based in Southern California, inspired by the strange and unusual adventures of life. Hill is focused on engaging the world through unique art experiences and holds a powerful message of earth stewardship and connection with the organic hybrid forms she creates.

Through her studio painting, teaching, performance and installations Hill encourages us to find the authentic spark within, in order to heal and better support our individual paths, our communities and the planet as a whole.

"Art to me is defined as anything that is ignited by a particular feeling-creating a focused experience, enrapturing your attention. This can be a flower, a painting, a friend or even the passing of a loved one. The best art and experiences in life have a ripple effect and will stay with you indefinitely. 


There lies in the ordinary, things that an artist will breathe life into, creating an extraordinary experience. " ~Hill Young