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You hold the key to enter the art portal and Experience ART as THERAPY:

  • Custom teaching from Hill (Current SoCal and Bay Area focus).
  • Small or large group options.
  • Any special event or time in life (Weddings, birthdays, rites of passage, celebrations, memorials, etc)
  • Clear blockages and transform your personal evolution as a creative being.
  • Multiple disciplines explored: drawing, writing, painting, mixed media, movement and sound.
  • All levels and ages encouraged to explore.
Current class offerings include:
Mandala Making - Meditation & Creation through various visual mediums and natural materials.
Organic pigments! - Make your own paints and brushes, sourced from nature. 
Womxn's EmpowermentExpressive Arts Therapy for all female- identifying folk. Njudgements here, move through your personal process in a safe, intimate space with your choice of materials.
Power Mantras & Sigils- Meditation & creation of a powerful personal theme in words and symbols. Including vision boarding, writing, & illustration exploration.
CustomWhat is your vision? let's make something special together. 
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