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Intentional Tattoos by Kahilli Bee.

Rites of passage, marking the depth of human experience from SOUL to SKIN.

>>>>Currently booking So Cal/ Bay Area experiences.

A big part of this expansion include my wolf-dog partner, Zephyr ! follow us to see the inspiration behind the name of this new venture. 

>>>Interested to receive a tattoo? Send me an introduction email with your ideas. 

🖤 What's an Intentional Tattoo?

The tattoos I've received over the past 12 years have become a novel of my life and catalysts for immense personal growth. 

I immediately recognized the work as profound, and started training to be a tattoo artist not long after my first few tattoos. 

Recently, I wanted to connect with this art form in a new manner than most modern day shops. So I've begun studying traditional tattoo methods and history  as well as related health practices.

One example of this is- experiencing how openings on my physical form along meridians (through Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture ) simultaneously release stagnation and let in energy for particular areas of the body. This has been extremely impactful.

These healing techniques along with using imagery and intention as tools create a unique alliance of wellness and empowerment. True art therapy.

I facilitate a distinctive experience that integrates my art with your vision in a custom designed collaboration. 

The specific meaning, placement, environment, and design are all important parts to bring the intentional tattoo together. 

Thank you for supporting growth, change and the ever-evolving artistic path!

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